††††† Our† Responsibilities:

1.††††††††† We guarantee that our work will contain no mathematical errors.

2.††††††††† We guarantee that our work will contain the data that you have given us.

3.††††††††† We guarantee that if we find something that we canít work with, we will immediately communicate with you.

4.††††††††† We guarantee that if you find something that doesnít make sense we will explain it or fix it.

Questions or comments :


††††† Your† Responsibilities:†

1.††††††††† Provide accurate and complete data on the† Questionnaire and accompanying documents

2.††††††††† Answer questions or clarifications as needed during the preparation process

3.††††††††† Report problems and suggestions

4.††††††††† Management, and implementation of the budget, including assigning suitable personnel

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